Em @ Work

First and foremost motivated by commercial results, as a former C-Suite executive I leverage experience spanning business transformation, change management, strategic and operational planning and communications across people, operations and customer verticals to elevate financial performance for market dominant, international brands.

Having worked for more than 20 years across reputable brands including Foxtel, Qantas and Woolworths, Emma is now a professional freelance consultant available for short and long term assignments across her various areas of expertise outlined below.

Recognised for executive leadership potential early on in my career in Human Resources – illustrated through regular promotion into roles demanding not only best practice HR knowledge, but a dedication to delivery and a sophisticated understanding of the interplay of complex operational and financial factors – I thrive in roles providing for significant change opportunity. Passionate about giving people the vision they need to achieve meaningful outcomes, I prioritise collaborative working environments premised on innovative thinking. By promoting cultures of constant review and evaluation, I establish agile, flexible organisations focused on continuous improvement and capable of switching direction to confidently face the challenge of disruptive markets, increasing competition and ever-evolving customer requirements and behaviours.